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Saturday, March 08, 2008

Nice run but it's over now (hopefully)

2008 may be the year Roger Federer finally falls from the World's #1 perch that he has held for so long. He has lost 2 matches in a row now, one against Nikolay Davydenko in the Aussie Open semifinal and the more recent against Andy Murray in the Dubai Open opener. Additionaly, he lost a very recent match playing Pete Sampras in a exhibition event.

Why do I hope this is the case? Because I'm sick of non-competitive semifinals and finals in majors events. This guy may be a great tennis player but hes not much fun to watch. He has a somewhat robotic game, with not much emotion or flair to speak of. His probable replacement, Nadal, plays way more expressive tennis. But thats not terrribly important. Whats important is Federer's invincibility is over. The predictability of his matches is over. The predictability of major and minor opens is over.
With all the new talent hitting their strides and established players going in and out of form (Take Roddick right now), tennis at the very top is going to be exciting to watch again!


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